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Bridging Spotify and macOS Notification Center since 2013

...if you’re a fan of Spotify’s radio feature and don’t like having to switch back and forth to see what song is playing, it’s a great (and light-weight) solution.


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    Just downloaded Spotify Notifications for OS X. Didn't think I needed Spotify notifications until now…

    — @dandoelling

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    @citruspi your Spotify notifications just made my work day soooo much better. Thanks!

    — @uncouthkarl

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    Nice cheeky little app for Spotify Users on Mac OSX. Good for radio wh0res such as myself…

    — @AndyMcHulme

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    Native notifications for #Spotify on OS X from @citruspi : you made my day, i love you !

    — @binouuuse

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    Mac users that would love @spotify notifications, check this out! thanks @citruspi

    — @mozartgil

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    The holy trinity of expert mode Spotify Mac users is @citruspi 'Spotify Notifications', @listenmacapp & @CymbalFM Chrome extension 🙏🏻

    — @brnkwrth

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    Brilliant little app to add @Spotify notifications to Mac Notification Center…

    — @coreycantrell

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    my loyal work companion in this saturday afternoon. #spotify #notification #mac…

    — @panaghia

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    Looking for Spotify items in Notification Center on Mac? Just found this gem…

    — @tory2k

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